Whenever I read the lines from Sarojini Naidu’s poetry about the Indian Weavers. “WEAVERS, weaving at break of day, Why do you weave a garment so gay? Blue as the wing of a halcyon wild, We weave the robes of a newborn child.” The beautiful way in which she has defined the three stages of life and connected them with the weavers, in an equally beautiful manner our Indian weavers have been weaving magic for generations. While weaving I understood life.

The weft is built thread by thread, weaving in and out between the warp threads, touching each one as it passes by; in the same way, our daily actions weave through our values, touching each one on the way. If you forget to turn back, you may skip some warp threads, and find loose places and uneven edges, similarly with life if we forget the values for a while we are nothing. We are not here to judge, only to learn. Weaving has made me today what I am, it thought me to build step by step.

I feel very proud to share that I hail from the weaver’s community born to Shri Chandu Ramanaiah and Chandu Subbulu with a loving younger sibling Chandu Prasad. Though our family is small of 4 members. When we are travelling on a highway with pleasant music and you are on cloud 9, suddenly if a speed breaker appears how we will be shocked, the same thing happened to me when I was doing my schooling and suddenly dad had a serious health issue.

As I mentioned he is only the source of income, to support my family and with his medical care along with my schooling I started weaving for daily livelihood. My observation, while dad weaving helped me to pick up fast and that weaving thought me so many lessons to me. Doing jugalbandi at that young age of managing my family, my dad’s health and my studies, made me more introverted. Because once, school finish I rush home for weaving, not having many friends, and no socialising.

Days were rolling down, and I joined my B. Tech, the funny is I am the classic example to bunk the seminar class every time, reason is my aloneness had developed a fear to speak. And I never tried to get rid of it. But, Self Growth started when I met with an accident in 2015 and I have witnessed my dad’s hard work very closely, it was like bloodsucking to me.

I wanted to make my father happy and help him in work by getting success, so joined Medha spoken English class. This I have not shared with anyone, but when the next seminar day arrived, I was very much in the class, of course, the professor was shocked and usually, what happens you all know, is he called me only first. I have taken a deep breath and moved towards the stage, I still feel is it was me, that day I spoke for 1 hour during the entire seminar. Everyone was shocked and those compliments and those claps boosted energy in me and made me think to do something different.

I joined Impact, where I acquired knowledge, confidence and skills, which made to take free sessions with the school children. Here the word Entrepreneurship has ignited me to look into a new life. While pursuing B.Tech only I wanted to develop the weaver’s community by bringing the weaved sarees online world. But, I failed due to a lack of knowledge, Money and support. From failures, I learned to do something we need that skill and knowledge of it.

To get on with life and acquire money for the entrepreneur from 2017 to 2019, I worked as a Career Counsellor and Education Consultant. While doing this, I use to feel I should learn more and do something for weavers, and then the boom of digital marketing was in the market. I joined Digital Marketing Training and Internship from 2019 to 2020. After the course, I felt like abhimanyu on the battlefield of Naukari. I was trying for a good company for daily expenditure and started freelancing.

At this point, a politician who is like my brother informed me about politics. I don’t have 1% interest when I started this political work. But, there is no other choice, one side is heavy competition in digital marketing and the pandemic side. My dream of entrepreneur has stuck with me and thought, why don’t I do this Political Digitalization.

Started working on with by browsing the history of politics and viewing many political interviews to understand. Slowly, I started understanding the political leaders’ profiles, and their nature and started to digitalise their activities and events. By seeing the innovative works everyone started appreciating the work. This has given the kick to creating POLITICAL ENGINEER. Along with my professional work, I was also associated with Junior Chamber International (JCI) which is a university of life. I was also President of the Telangana state National Youth Council of India and National Social Media Convenor and also I have started an NGO named Prachanda Bharat Foundation.